What is the cost of earning a Private Pilots Certificate?

The cost of learning to fly varies greatly from student to student, depending on many factors. As a general rule, students can figure that a typical lesson of ground instruction will cost $50/Hour, while a typical lesson of flight training will cost $50/hour (60/hour for advanced) plus the costs of the plane rental. Reaching the private pilot level requires a minimum of 40 hours. The national average is 60-75 hours of training before the students are qualified, so the total cost usually runs between $10,000 and $12,000. Unlike some other schools, we prefer to be up-front and honest concerning your investment.

Why use a simulator?

A simulator can be used rain or shine, good weather or bad.  Simulator training can reduce the cost of gaining your various certifications.  Simulator training can account for 3hr of Private Pilots license, 40% of your instrument rating and up to 50 hr toward your Commercial rating

Why isn’t the cost a set fee?

The cost varies mostly because people are different. Some people pick up the skills quickly, while others need more time to build the confidence needed. Your instructor will discuss your progress daily and will be able to give you a much more accurate price estimate upon evaluation. Also, the cost of fuel is a determining factor.

Do you offer financing?

Yes. Pressley Aviation offers financing through Pilot Finance, Inc. They will allow you to make regular payments for your instruction and education. An investment of as little as $200.00 per month will cover 1-3 lessons per week.

How long does it take to get my Private Pilot Certificate?

It depends mostly on the student. The more time you dedicate to instruction and study, the faster you can earn your certificate. Typically, our students earn their certificate within a six month period, depending on the time of year and weather conditions. We prefer that students fly at least twice or more every week. We have had motivated students graduate in as little as four months, but we will NOT pass anyone that is not ready.

What can I do with a Private Pilot’s Certificate?

You must have a Private Pilot’s Certificate in order to fly yourself and other people to or from any public airport, day or night. You can fly your own plane, but you cannot get paid to fly or accept money from passengers. Initially, you will be limited to flying only in good weather (VFR). To fly in less-than-ideal weather or to receive payment for flying, you will need advanced training (instrument rating and commercial license). Pressley Aviation also provides training for those advanced licenses.

Why Pressley Aviation?

Many schools offer the same Certificate, and we appreciate your interest in us. We feel Pressley Aviation is a Flight School that will “do what it takes” to finish the job concerning your instruction. With our personalized, individual training we will focus on any area a student needs extra help with, and will never abandon you before your training is complete. Many of our students have become life-long friends with whom we are proud to share our lives and call members of our extended family.